Premium Puppy Program

Seven (7) hours of in-home care and training, including potty training, crate training, socialization excursions, exercise: motor skill development, leash walking and basic obedience training.  Pup-related errands and vet visits as needed.  Program age: 8 weeks to 6 months


Posh Puppy Program

The MOST POPULAR program, this three (3) hours of in-home training covers all of the bases.  This is an abbreviated version of the 8 hour program and is comprised of 2-30 minute training sessions and 2 hours of socialization excursions and leash walking.  Pup-related errands and vet visits as needed.  Program age: 8 weeks to 6 months 

Private In Home Training

Training sessions are 1-on-1 and can be with or without the owner present, and are completely customizable to meet the needs of each dog and their family.  Sessions can include basic obedience, leash walking, crate training, potty training, tricks, shy dog rehab, barking, jumping, chewing or AKC CGC  or Puppy Star testing.  Appropriate for dogs of any age and can be done in conjunction with a Puppy Program.


Board & Train

This is a conveninet option for owners who may be traveling and want to use this time to get your pup's manners on track.  Or as a way to get a jump start on training a new addition to the family.  Your dog stays in a home environment, has daily training sessions, learns to love their crate, plays with other dogs and goes out on hikes and social excursions.  Appropriate for any age, however not all behaviors are suited for Board & Train.

(Limited Availability)

Adoption Services

When it's time for you to add new member to your family, I can help you shop the shelters and rescues for available dogs to meet your needs.  Temperament screenings and supervised introductions to other animals in the home are available.


Wedding Wrangler

Let ME take care of Fido on your special day!  I will bring your best friend to the event space, handle during photos, keep them hydrated, happy and occupied, so you and your wedding party can enjoy the day/night.  Your pup can even spend the night at my place and meet you for brunch in the morning.