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client testimonials

In addition to working with the wonderful dog owners of California, I have had the unique opportunity to work with some of the most innovative animal welfare professionals in the industry.  If you are looking for a new family member, reach out, let's find you a perfect match.



The great results we've gotten are a direct result of Laura's talents in training both dogs and humans.

Patti Roth - Los Angeles, CA

Laura, not only trained Cassie into the prefect pup she is today, but she also trained me and my husband. She made us responsible pet owners. In fact, Laura is still referred to as “Mama Laura” in our household!

Tracy Blumenthal - Venice, CA

Laura came to us to help with our dog Oliver who was a rescue with severe anxiety issues.

She has helped him live a more balanced life and find happiness in day to day routines that come easily for other dogs. Such taking a basic walk, vet visits, and most importantly how to relax when our friends come to our house. Prior to Laura he was a non stop barker during these visits. He now can actually walk up to our guests and engage. 

Laura knows her skill and isn’t afraid to call you out on the work us humans have to do for our dogs.


Kelly Sherman - Napa. CA


Laura has been an amazing beacon of hope for both Cooper and myself.

She has taken my wild yet sweet young boy, and turned him into the young man he was meant to become.


Laura is patient, focused, and kind.

Laura is also very fun to work with and she makes every training session specific to your dogs needs. I am so grateful for Laura’s assistance and would always recommend her. 


Virginia Cortland - San Francisco, CA

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